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    Forum Rules
    Respect & Consideration Of Others
    Forum User's are expected to respect every other forum member. Showing any means of disrespect, insults or harassing will lead into punishment.

    Number of Accounts
    Only one forum account is allowed for one character in the server, multiple characters in game would require you to make multiple forums accounts accordingly.

    Private Messaging (Staff)
    Needlessly messaging staff members should be avoided unless reporting glitches/exploits which should not be posted in the public threads.

    Thread Reporting
    Reporting a thread for your benefit should be avoided, unless it is breaking the rules provided in the forums.

    Inappropriate Content or Spam
    Posting something that is unacceptable to the public's eye or posting stuff that is irrelevant to the discussion.

    Threatening the server for DDOS'ing, Hacking etc will lead to a ban!

    Inappropriate Discussions
    Discussion about 3rd party programs that supports hacking or cheating to gain an advantage should be avoided, only discussion that support the server/forums should posted.

    Personal Information
    Posting sensitive personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, names etc... of yourself or other players are prohibited.

    Faking yourself to become another community member will lead to serious punishment.

    Server Ads
    Advertising or promoting other server in the forums would lead to a permanent ban!

    Hitman Names
    Releasing hitman names on the server will lead to punishment.

    Providing False Content

    Posting something that is knowingly false or incorrect.

    Ban Evading
    Creating alternate forums accounts to avoid a current ban will lead to a ban!
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